I am a 48 year old DJ who has been hitting the tables since I was 16! I love all different kinds of music and watching everyone dance to my music as I’m spinning! Throughout my life, music has been my outlet and the way I like to express myself! I just love the feeling I get when I throw on my headphones and start my sets, and I love the connection it gives me with other people! My styles of music that I spin range from Vocal house, Top 40 remix, Trance, Hard house, and my absolute favorites; Tech house and Progressive house. Although I have yet to have a residency, I have had several guest DJ spots at clubs in Long Beach CA, Los Angeles CA, Las Vegas NV, Austin TX, and Phoenix AZ, and many more! I have a mobile DJ business in my home town of Nipomo CA, and I am also featured on Mixcloud! I also do writing, composing and remixing as well! I am honored to have this opportunity to share my gift and my love of music with you all and to be on!